Thu, 10.09.'20 | 20:00
200910 Étant Donnés / F + Runar Magnusson / Ice Live in Vienna

Étant Donnés / F + Runar Magnusson / Ice Live in Vienna

Host: Liccht

Liccht präsentiert: Schiefe Musikk

VVK: € 13,-/ AK € 15,-

22:00 -  Étant Donnés

Étant Donnés is an experimental/industrial duo formed in Grenoble in 1980 by brothers Eric Hurtado (born in 1959) and Marc Hurtado (born in 1962), who were originally from Rabat, Morocco.

Étant Donnés have collaborated with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Alan Vega, Michael Gira, Mark Cunningham, Lydia Lunch, The Master Musicians of Jajouka and Christophe. For 40 years, they have created a very unique world of sound, using field recordings, spoken words and electronic music. Each of their rare live shows is a unique event. This is the first time ever they perform in Vienna!

22:00 -  Runar Magnusson

Runar Magnusson is an Icelandic/Danish soundartist and musician, currently based in Austria.

With a masters degree in Electronic Music Composition from The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus/DK, he is inspired by the sounds of nature, noise, and meditation, Magnusson specializes in atmospheric disturbances through minimalist compositions. While an oppressive hue is often cast upon Magnusson's work, it is nevertheless always drafted with a sly trace of humor.