Sat, 13.06.'20 | 19:00
200613 Outta Tune Volume #4

Outta Tune Volume #4

Host: Outta Tune

We're back with a BANG!!!!

As we all know the situation right now is a tough one for all of us. Nevertheless we are more than happy to announce that we're having our next show on June 13th.
Over the next couple of days we're gonna provide you with all the infos for our upcoming show.
Some things will happen differently this time. But we are working our asses off to make sure that we'll provide the quality and a supreme party for all of you.

One thing is for sure. Due to the restrictions, attending our party is only possible with a pre sale ticket !!

So are you still tired of wearing high heels and tuxedos?
Annoyed by limited legroom?
Confused about when or not to clap?

Then listen up! We got you covered:
Outta Tune brings classical music to unexpected people at unexpected places.
So put on some comfy clothes, grab a beer and let's break the etiquette together at one of the hottest venues in town!!

Cause there is no need to be classy to be a classic

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