Thu, 05.03.'20 | 22:00
200305 Mopcut


22:00 -  DJ Costa Caspari
23:00 -  Mopcut

Audrey Chen – voice
Julien Desprez – guitar
Lukas Koenig – drums, synthesizers

Accelerated Frames Of Reference is the blistering debut album by Mopcut (Trost Records 2019). With Lukas König on synthesizers and drums, Julien Desprez on electric guitar and vocalist Audrey Chen. Three artists have joined forces to create songs beyond language and gravity at the interface of sound architecture and performance-ritual. Minimal and maximal improvisation, noise and electronics overlayed by Audrey Chen´s ecstatic vocals.


With it´s lo-fi electronics, the album is mostly zany and playful, but with darker, visceral explorations such as Hail Shaft. A tightly disciplined yet exuberant set of performances – The Wire, 2019

...the raw aesthetic of these artists, and their assimilation, makes this a debut of note. – Debra Richards, Jazzwise magazine