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200117 Bloodbeat #114 feat: veil of light + anne pedersdotter

Bloodbeat #114 feat: veil of light + anne pedersdotter

Host: Bloodbeat

Bloodbeat ist der Beat der Jahre ´78-´84, darüber hinaus und in die Jetzt-Zeit.
Wir begeben uns auf eine (Party-)Reise von den ersten Versuchen auszubrechen im Punk Rock bis zu Befreiung im Post-Punk/New Wave. Doch die These gilt, dass damit noch lange nicht Schluss war/ist.
Bloodbeat folgt dem weiten Experimentierfeld des Post-Punk bis ins Jahr 2020.

Das Bloodbeat-Team präsentiert diesmal:

Veil Of Light

Anne Pedersdotter

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anaïs | Vague + Guest

22:00 -  TBA
22:30 -  Anne Pedersdotter - noising in the rain

A soundscape of cinema obsessed electronic lo-fi noise

23:15 -  Veil of Light

Exactly two years after their latest Front Teeth LP, the Zürich-based duo VEIL OF LIGHT is back with a new album called Inflict which will be out May 10 on Avant! Records.
This is their fourth full-length and their industrial-tinged synth-based post-punk keeps on getting better, making Inflict their strongest release to date.
In these eight new cuts you'll hear how their sound has gotten heavier, bulkier, even more beat-driven.
Tracks like So Hard and Holy Wars display drums pounding like noises from a rusty machinery, synths on You Done Me Wrong and Fact2019 they’re so sharp they can slice through your skin, Europe and Animal Instinct feature melodies from the abandoned industrial district of your ghost town.
We could go on but you are probably aware of what these two Swiss are all about, and if you are not you'll know the Veil Of Light when you face it.

00:15 -  Vague | Anaïs